Sports Marketing Internships: How to Secure it in 2023?

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Job Description of Sports Marketing Interns
Competencies and Skills for marketing strategies
Salary and job outlook

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What is Sports Marketing Internships?

Working with sports marketing teams and athletics-related field businesses to sell their products to the general public is part of a sports marketing internship.

Your responsibilities in a sports marketing internship will be to promote a league, team, product, or school.

You may work full-time or part-time at events and travel to promote a team’s product or service on weekends.

Your responsibilities as a sports marketer or digital marketing intern in the sports industry include promoting, branding, and managing a team, player, institution, league, or program.

Other roles include creating marketing plans and opportunities in print, online, or in person.

Internships in sports allow you to work in a specialized industry in a capacity that you enjoy.

There are various internships to pick from for your summer internship, from team management to public relations to physical therapy.

If you’re interested in a sports internship but aren’t sure where to begin, don’t worry!

There are so many different types of Sports Internships out there that there is bound to be one that is appropriate for you.

Job Description of Interns in the Sports Marketing Department

Sports interns are all focused on work related to their specialist field of interest.

A sports management intern, for instance, would be more concerned with planning and coordinating as an operations intern, whereas a sports marketing intern would be more concerned with strategy and promotion.

Any Sports Internship will provide you with essential knowledge and skills in your chosen industry.

Interns help with marketing initiatives aimed at promoting kids club activities, athletic-sponsored events, and home game promotions, as well as event and hospitality logistics.

Sales techniques, social media marketing, brand marketing, brainstorming, advertising, and new media advertising techniques are covered by interns.

To complete various activities and projects, interns will engage and work closely with supervisors assigned to them.

Depending on the number of games scheduled during the week, interns are expected to work 10 – 15 office hours per week.

All tasks and time done are tracked by interns.

All home baseball, football, and basketball games require interns to assist with game-day operations.

Interns who work in school environments are often allocated additional sports per semester to help with promotions and other marketing projects.

They act as the department’s marketing liaisons, working with the assigned coaching staff on all marketing and promotional matters.

Where Do Sports Marketing Interns Work?

Interns in sports marketing can use what they’ve learned for a variety of jobs, including Sports Marketing Managers, Public Relations Managers, Sports Editors, and Sports Economists.

Sports marketing internship job opportunities

They can also work remotely from the comfort of their homes or in sports and sports-related establishments.

Sports Marketing Intern Jobs

If you’re looking for a sports internship we have listed some job alerts zeroed in on sports-related firms with which you might wish to work.

Here are some Sport Agency Internships:

Southwest Premier League

Remote Work

Salary: $8 – $21 Per Hour

We are seeking an energetic intern with a passion for sports marketing to become a part of our marketing department and contribute innovative ideas to assist us to reach our objectives.

You will be assigned administrative responsibilities in the creation and execution of marketing strategy.

As an intern, you will cooperate with our advertising and marketing team and group of directors across all phases of marketing campaign development.

Your perceptive contribution will aid in the expansion, maintenance, and development of our marketing networks.

This marketing internship will assist you in acquiring marketing knowledge and skills in various sports, specifically soccer, and marketing tactics.

You will ultimately get extensive marketing experience and should be equipped to join any fast-paced professional environment.


  • Gather qualitative and quantitative information on marketing efforts
  • Conduct market research on prospective SWPL members
  • Assist the marketing team with administrative chores on a daily basis
  • Contribute to advertising and marketing promotional efforts (e.g. direct mail, social media, and web)
  • Schedule advertising presentations
  • Help disseminate marketing materials
  • Maintain and manage the organization’s CRM (customer relationship management systems) and database
  • Assist with the organization of marketing events like the NISA Nation events, SWPL Cup Finals, etc.

Required Skills

  • Intense interest in learning about marketing in sports coupled with professional motivation
  • Excellent knowledge of soccer and several sports marketing approaches
  • Superior written and oral communication abilities
  • Superior knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of marketing web-based apps (e.g. Online analytics, Google Adwords, and CRM tools) and computer software
  • A strong interest in the marketing sector and its best approaches
  • Existing enrolment in a related Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs

Job Type: Internship


  • Adaptable schedule
  • Help with professional development
  • Referral program




1 year for Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations (Preferred)

Mental Dimes

Remote Work

Mental Dimes is a new sports media organization.

Every day, we grow and extend to achieve new heights of our ultimate objective.

We distinguish ourselves from other sports media outlets by ensuring that all of our content is original and entirely opinionated.

We are seeking a Marketing Intern who is interested in building our brand from scratch.


  • Collaborating with the CEO, Managing Editor, Graphic Design Team, and Marketing Team colleagues
  • Establish relationships with companies that are related to our product
  • Establish partnerships with other business owners and managers
  • Skilled in the use of grammar in electronic communication

Types of Employment: Temp, Part-time, and Internship


  • Monday through Friday
  • On-demand
  • Weekend availability

Supplemental Pay:

Commission pay

sports marketing internship employment type


High school or equivalent (Required)


Marketing: 1 year (Preferred)

Strategic Playground

Austin, TX 78752

Job Title: Influencer Marketing Intern

Internship at $20 per hour

The internship role will report to the Digital and Content Senior Manager.

Overview of Internship

Do you enjoy collaborating with influencers and utilizing social media?

We’re looking for a digitally savvy marketing intern to help us plan and execute our influencer marketing strategy and creative campaigns.

You are the person we are seeking if you are a team member that maintains a pleasant, professional attitude at all times and is familiar with the influencer world.

Enthusiasm for sports, entertainment, and the brand sector is required.


  • Assist with the execution, development, and measurement of influencer marketing and creative projects
  • Work with your team to find and cultivate relationships with influential thought leaders and influencers
  • Create content ideas, then write and curate it
  • Investigate industry experts, rivals, the target audience, and users
  • Consider new and innovative ways to approach influencer campaigns
  • Keep up with new technology, trends, and influencers
  • Work with the team to develop and implement marketing strategies that span several media


  • Marketing bachelor’s degree
  • Proven track record in campaign outreach methods
  • Knowledge of the social media marketing sector in depth
  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Excellent time management and organization skills
  • Excellent project management abilities
  • Excellent communication and relationship-building abilities
  • Networking skills

Jack Morton, Chicago, IL

Job Title: Brand Partnerships + Strategy Intern

$18 an hour – Internship

Full Job Description

At Jack Morton, we produce stomach-dropping, head-turning, mind-boggling, and smile-inducing brand experiences.

We’re searching for an intern to work with our Brand Partnerships & Strategy team, assisting the account team in meeting and exceeding client expectations.

You’ll work with our brand relationships, strategy, and creative teams to produce the insights and ideas that help companies align, launch, engage, and grow.

You’ll help with the creative approval process for account alliance relationships, as well as sharing guidelines,  ideas, and norms with internal and external teams.

As you progress in the position, you’ll learn about the various responsibilities and career pathways available to you.

What will you be doing?

Project Management

  • Provide account management and planning support to the Brand Partnerships and Strategy teams
  • Assist in the coordination of regular status calls, the distribution of meeting notes and recaps, and the communication of activities, reports, and outcomes
  • Create and maintain concise, clear, and detailed project tracking documentation, including deadlines and timetables, agendas, points of view, recaps, feedback consolidation, and project requests
  • Develop slides and report materials with team members

Strategic Client Oversight and Communication

  • Demonstrate a deep grasp and passion for your customers’ industry, consumers, business, and brands, as well as knowledge of their competitive set and industry, while keeping them up to date on industry best practices and developments
  • Identify, manage, and educate external/internal teams on competitor and comparable properties/landscapes
  • Collaborate with other agency partners and within the client’s integrated agency team to guarantee optimal property activation at the national and local levels
  • Support continuing customer delivery with the purpose of guiding existing program optimization and assessment of new opportunities

Analysis and Research

  • On a regular basis, monitor media, trends, and the sports and entertainment scene to give thought leadership to internal teams and clients
  • In the sponsorship and experiential marketing landscape, use the information to help build fresh concepts and differentiated brand opportunities

Team Collaboration and Leadership

  • Actively participate in cross-functional brainstorming and idea creation sessions with cross-functional teams, both internally and with clients
  • In meetings and client interactions, demonstrate leadership and presence
  • Be a source of inspiration, creativity, and enjoyment

You have what it takes if you can do all of that.

It could be beneficial if you…

  • Working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven atmosphere is a must
  • Must be able to fulfill tight deadlines, manage multiple tasks at the same time, and pay attention to detail
  • Outstanding time management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Team player who is self-motivated and has excellent interpersonal skills
  • It would be fantastic if there was interest in sports marketing, sponsorship marketing, and/or field marketing
  • Excel at teamwork and provide excellent customer service
  • Have a high level of organization and strong attention to detail

Skills Relevant for Sports Interns

  • Creative thinking
  • Ability to both work in a team and also lead
  • Great initiative
  • Organization

Salary and Job Prospects

There is currently no set key for a Sports Internship compensation scale because the industries that require sports interns differ.

If you’re contemplating how much a sports internship would pay, you should probably ask the organization you’re considering interning with straight on.

Some internships will only provide you a class credit, while others will pay you an hourly wage or a set stipend.

salary expectations for sports marketing internships

In the US, however, the average sports internship salary is $13.57 per hour or $26,500 per year.

Starting earnings for entry-level employment start at $19,600 annually, with the most trained experts earning up to $36,100 per year.

Tips for Getting a Sports Marketing internship

You must be enrolled in a related degree program, such as advertising, sports marketing, or journalism, to earn a Sports Marketing Internship.

Enquire about Sports Marketing Internships at your school’s career center.

Paid internships are also available for recent graduates as well as persons without a degree who have a passion for sports and are prepared to train.

Experience in sports-related activities, such as coaching or participating on a team, is preferred but not needed.

Detail-oriented, team-oriented, and willing to learn fundamental marketing and sales abilities are all desirable qualities.

For the better part, it’s best to look for a Sports Internship sooner rather than later!

In case you want to do a summer sports internship, for example, we recommend looking for internship possibilities as early as the earlier season.

Many establishments love to employ in the fall, so being informed about fall virtual trade or career fairs will assist you to land the desired job!

Sports Marketing Internships

Every organization has its own application key dates and deadlines, therefore the sooner the better!

If you’re searching for a job during the academic year, begin applying 2 to 5 months in advance so you can inform your internship coordinator of your coursework and other commitments.

It’s also crucial to remember that the career services office at your university will have a lot of information regarding special recruitment times at your school.

Make an appointment with your career advisor at the beginning of the school year for further assistance in preparing ahead!


If you want a sports internship position but don’t have any prior experience, acquire the necessary skills in the field.

After that, include experiences and past employment in your CV and cover letter where the skills are transferable.

If you’ve completed a sports marketing course or worked in a similar profession, for instance, emphasize it!


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